Beat Your Rival Brands With Custom Metalized Boxes

Custom Metalized Boxes

Custom packaging design means creating packaging that is unique to your brand. It involves researching and developing a unique strategy for your product. It would help if you considered the needs of your target audience and the market conditions that will affect its success. Among the hundreds and thousands of box options, the most eye-catching ones are, without a doubt, custom-metalized boxes. The enticing packaging of these boxes reflects your ideas and is a marker of what you promise to deliver in terms of service. This spells quality and involves sheer hard work.

The metalized boxes are simply ones usually laminated with gold or silver sheets, giving a glossy, shiny effect. It shields your items from crunching and protects them while being one of the most beautiful kinds of boxes available. It can be easily worked on cardboard or corrugated stock. The Inside of the limits of the box supports your product as a luxury. They can also be found in many colours like:

  • Teal
  • Rose gold
  • Hot pink
  • Sea blue etc. 

But the standard and instantly available variants are:

  • Silver foil boxes
  • gold foil boxes

Here is how You Can Beat Your Rival Brands:

Here are specific ways to help you step up your packaging game. Metalized boxes gave the packaging industry a new trend to follow. You can enhance their elegant look by creating texture stock and offering a holographic look.


There is no limitation to the requests for personalization. Custom boxes offer adaptable alternatives to pick the box styles. You can also change the size and width of the gold sheet giving a different look each time with different designs. The box shape can be altered, and a metalized completion adds elegance.

Add Dimensions

You can use embossing and raised ink on metalized boxes and command the notice of your clients. If you want to make exclusive signs and boxes, you can add a small portion of metalized designing rather than metalizing the whole package.

Be Transparent

As a business, you have to be transparent with your customers. This can be achieved by gaining their trust when they know what they are being provided with. You can experience die-cut with a window or die-cut without a window for a change. Covering the box with a PVC plastic sheet or a glass sheet is also possible and an open choice. The window cut-out improves the odds of a client purchasing your item. Nonetheless, the overall experience is vital for your message to be delivered.

Pitch Yourself 

This means going above and beyond how packaging is made and sold. Doing things like designing your product materials confirms that it works together as a system. Also, make sure the functionality of your product fits in with the rest of your brand identity. Wholesale custom metalized boxes stand out with a distinct impression.

Reinvent Packaging

The proximity of metallic shades over different cardboard types creates a specific splendour. It gives the holder a royal and luxurious feel. Whether you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition or want to help bring out your brand’s personality, metalized boxes can help. Additional features work every step of the way, from designing a unique logo for your product packaging to developing an effective marketing strategy for getting your company in front of the right audience at the right time. It’s no secret that many people love custom packaging. But only some know how to create it. Custom metalized boxes can have thousands of personalized designs which can further be enhanced:

Additional Features

Add-ons convey a particular degree of extravagance and quality to your product. You can also utilize them to wrap gifts and present them at unique events for special customers. Your boxes’ laminated or soft touch finishes shout value to the customers.


Any add-ons like ribbons, wax stamps, flowers, bows, laces, or artwork used for decorative purposes can enhance the look of your box. Although the embellishments on the custom boxes are usually for gifting purposes, this can elevate your brand value. 

Know Your Audience

When designing a metalized box, you should have your audience in mind. The coating on metalized tubes is moisture-proof and resistant to many weather conditions. Product design is creating a product that fulfils a consumer’s needs, but it is also about providing products that are functional, beautiful, and user-friendly. Wholesale custom metalized boxes establish a bond between you and the consumer, so creating packaging that targets the audience is a win-win.


It is practical to add typography over your custom metalized boxes. There are several designs, fonts and texts that you can follow. You can print the company slogan, tagline, or motto on the box to differentiate your brand from the other brands.

Stay Focused 

As a business, you must keep a step ahead of rival companies. It would help if you built the focus of your brand towards the consumers. Packaging like a pro targeting your brand idea is essential for your product positioning. The proximity of the metal tones on these boxes adds a unique shine and gives the owner a stunning effect. You can use custom corrugated metalized boxes for shipping purposes, while custom cardboard boxes can carry regular products very well.

Sustainable Packaging

The world is shifting over to sustainable packaging. Companies are shifting to biodegradable packaging solutions to contribute to a healthy environment. Custom metalized boxes have a sheet that gives them the glossy effect and refrains it from being 100% eco-friendly. Although it is not common, you can make a sustainable metalized box for a change. 

Wind Up!

When you’re launching a new product, there are many steps you can take to make sure it’s a success. But the most crucial step is creating an ideal customer experience—and that’s where custom designing comes in. Custom metalized boxes are lightweight but solid. The rich look of these boxes makes the consumer assume on a large scale. These boxes also play a massive part in tempting clients and thus help individual brands and retailers to increase productivity.