All Car Filter Types and Tell-Tale Signs of When You Should Change Them

Car Air FIlter

Your car intakes polluted air regularly, which can harm the insides of the engine if kept unchecked. Our body has lungs to filter out the toxic elements in the air to stay healthy. The function of the car filter types is to filter out the impurities to ensure better car performance.

Your car needs purified air, or else it will malfunction. The air is essential for the proper functioning of the engine parts. The air that travels through the filter inlet also functions like car fuel. The correct fuel filter keep the car running while ensuring no grit or dirt clogs the parts. It protects the engine against corrosion and damage.

Many cars require the filter to function properly. Therefore it is imperative to use the correct products to ensure maximum safety. The modification accessories for car allows the car owner to get a filter that is unique and tailored for their car and its needs.

What are The Various Car Filter Types and Their Functions?

There are a few different air filters for the car, each with a purpose. Let’s take an in-depth look into the types of car filters and how they function. 

Air Filter

How will you recognise a bad air filter? The key is looking out for the bad air from the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. Whenever black and gritty smoke gets emitted from the back pipe of a vehicle, it indicates a bad filter. The air filter is dirty and needs immediate replacement. Even before this, one would see the check light on the dashboard of their car indicating so.

The purpose of the air car filter types is simple. To elaborate, it needs to keep the air free from all contaminants and dirt that may enter the engine. The contaminants could be several things. For instance, the contaminants may be dirt, bugs, water particles, road grime, and pollen. It will obstruct anything that obstructs the pipe to the tank. 

The cleaning, like the air filters’ functioning, is also quite simple. One must remove the intake hose, usually attached to the air collection box. Then they can take the filer out. The next step would require the person to see into it with the help of a light. If they cannot see the light pass through, they know it is time to clean or replace the filter.

Fuel Filter

As the name suggests, the fuel filter is one of the many car filter types that remove any dirt that may enter the car with the fuel. However, the functioning of the fuel filter works is different for diesel and petrol vehicles.

For petrol vehicles, the filter purifies the fuel. In the case of diesel engines, it prevents corrosion by water by ensuring no build-up happens. The bowl-designed filter allows one to remove the drain plug when they want to remove the water build-up.

 The cartridge inside the filter, called the fuel line, stops the impurities from entering. The filters protect the vehicle’s fuel injectors while extending the car’s life. These car filter types not only clear out gas contaminants but also ensure they do not interfere with your car’s functions. Constant accumulation of dirt and grime may render the fuel filter sluggish. When it happens, the engine may backfire and get sluggish. This will tell you to change your fuel filters.

Oil Filter

Oil is the élan vital to the engine; however, as it keeps circulating, it will pick up contaminants. These contaminants will hamper the engine and damage it permanently. Over time, the engine’s metal wears down, causing particles to release, which will block the flow of oil. The filters’ designs are made to catch these particles before they reach the engine. Here are some signs which will tell you it’s time to change your filter:

  • “Spluttering”
  • Poor Performance
  • Metallic Sounds from your vehicle
  • When the oil pressure gauge drops

These car filter types remove the debris while the engine runs. If the removal process is smooth, the engine will keep running properly. The makeup of the oil filter is a little intricate as it is used in engines with a higher chance of getting contaminated. Without the oil, the engine would overheat. This, in turn, would cause premature wear out.

It is a no-brainer that a proper functioning filter is important for your vehicle to run smoothly. It also helps in favoring engine life and mileage. Changing the oil means you also have to change the filter. Change your filter whenever you modify your oil. For most vehicles, the oil and filter change occurs every 3,000 miles. However, the latest models can work longer with a mileage of 10,000 miles each time.

Cabin Air Filter

If one wants to prioritise their health and choose one of the car filter types, the cabin air filter is the best option. The purpose is to filter the air out of the cabin. Situated behind the glove box, it filters the air through the AC or the heater in front. 

It circulates fresh air for breathing throughout the car. Car filter types in luxury cars also come with a carbon-activated setting that filters out smoke and foul smell. So many types can get overwhelming. Caring for them will require the expertise of a professional. Please get to know more about maintaining your car filter types, Carorbis, today from our experts! Please choose the best products at their service and make your car brand breathe fresh air.

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