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During Covid-19, many companies shifted to remote work. You’ll see several companies either doing full-time or part-time remote work. You might be thinking about which computer you must get to work conveniently. Computers are used for office work and for keeping personal and professional data like images, videos, files, documents, and sensitive information. They are also used for gaming, streaming, editing, drawing, and recording podcasts. People are dependent on computers no matter which type. It can be a PC, a regular Laptop, or a MacBook. The issue lies where people get confused between choosing a PC or Mac. The rivalry between windows PC and Apple’s MacBook is age-old and needs to get solved. Both have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses that must be addressed. You can see which one comes at the top by seeing the advantages and disadvantages when you line them up. Boss City Depot, a computer repair in Jacksonville, has given a list that includes all the specs and noticeable differences between the two electronic devices. Let’s focus on these differences and see which wins regarding remote work and convenience. 

What Do You Require A PC For?

When choosing a computer, you must consider the convenient and beneficial options. Different people have various needs and requirements, especially those who work in an industry or an office and must work with hardware and software. If you work with heavy software like Adobe Illustrator, coral draw, or any heavy video editor, you’ll have to purchase a device that can bear this software. A simple PC would be better for you if you use basic software like Microsoft Office or your browser. You can run five tasks at once if your use is simple. 

Mac Or PC, a better choice?

After listing all the pros and cons, you’d know which computer would suit you. The choice will be easy if we talk about Mac; many Macbooks are available with high specs and unique features. They come with hefty repair prices, sales, and upgrades. One benefit of buying a MacBook is that people stick to it for many years. They take value out of their investment which is a good thing. If we talk about PCs, you can get them for reasonable prices and use them for up to 3 years. The con of buying a PC is that you’ll have to face many repair issues compared to Mac. Many issues are driver issues you don’t even know how to fix, storage issues, and much more. According to electronic repair Jacksonville, window PCs have an advantage: their repairs are quite easy because their upgrades are flexible. 


If you are a user mostly concerned with design, styles, and looks, it would be better for you to choose MacBooks as they are sleek and unique in design. Window PCs come with steep prices, but it is difficult to find one that is convenient and light to use. Most PCs are heavier than Macs, and they are not usually sleek. In short, if you are looking for a sleek design, go for a MacBook. A MacBook includes upgradability, capability, and good looks; choose Mac. 


Every device faces difficulties and complexities. No electronic device is indestructible. Apple products are expensive, and their spare parts are also costly. When you drop your MacBook, the broken spare parts and screen are expensive to replace. MacBooks are engineered in a sophisticated yet un-customizable way; repairing them is not easy. The spare parts are also hard to find in local shops. You can find them in computer repair in Jacksonville and other manufacturer stores. In the case of regular PCs, many parts are available at different stores. You just have to order and get them delivered to your doorstep. 


Many of us go to offices or businesses and prefer something convenient and portable. You can use portable computers at home while doing remote work easily. A working person wants to work despite the location. Therefore, MacBooks always are the best. MacBooks are portable, easy to carry, and sleek in design, and you can easily slip them into handbags. You cannot do the same with Windows PCs. You wouldn’t want to carry and lug a heavy computer wherever you go. If you prefer a portable device and want to carry it anywhere, take MacBook with you as suggested by electronic repair Jacksonville. 

Final Verdict!

If you have read all the blogs, you’d know by now that Mac is the best to do remote work. It is the most convenient and sleek device you can buy. It is also engineered so that you can even use any software as it has enough built-in power. Macs are usually for portability and creative activities, but if you are all-in on gaming, you must go for PCs. What you consider purchasing generally depends on your needs. Keep your budget, requirements, and lifestyle in mind before choosing a computer. Invest in a good computer to fulfill all your needs. 

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