C7 Tips For Designing Graphics For Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom printed rigid boxes

People buy handcrafted things online to support local companies and artisans who are enthusiastic about their craft. With bespoke Custom Rigid Boxes, you can provide your consumers with a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience as a special thank you for their patronage. Unique packages assist in distinguishing your company and offer a strong brand image to establish a loyal consumer base.

When designing a bespoke packing box for your goods, you want it to represent your brand and provide a memorable experience for your customers. Check out these design ideas for making a unique packing box for your handcrafted work.

1.    Select Packaging Materials With Caution

On a very fundamental level, the materials you pick to print on will say a lot to your consumer. High-quality materials have a different feel to them, and they exude worth. They frequently print better and withstand more folding, cutting, opening, and shipping. However, high quality does not imply “not cardboard”—a fine corrugated cardboard prints wonderfully, travels well and feels well-made and sumptuous in the hands of the consumer.

The correct materials for your brand may be recycled, reducing your company’s environmental effect. Customers value sustainability, so choosing materials that recycle waste or are responsibly created might offer your box a competitive advantage. Include Personalization on the Custom Box. Look for methods to personalize your bundle if at all feasible. Personalization has become a marketing term.

It demonstrates that you understand them to your audience. Simple customization may show how important a customer is to your small business. Names may be easily printed on bespoke packing boxes, and you might even tailor the contents based on what you know about your consumer.

2.    Hide the Cost of Your Package

Color is eye-catching and thrilling in a personalized product, but it may also capture the wrong people’s attention. You don’t want the personalized box on the doorstep to be stolen. To reduce additional shipping expenses, try packaging your printed box inside a brown box or standard mailer, or consider utilizing colorful print on the box’s interior for theft prevention and an excellent unwrapping surprise.

Concentrate on the unboxing—what does your audience feel when they open the package? You may utilize artwork and colors on the box’s interior to create a surprise. You may even build your bespoke box to fit inside a standard brown shipping box, hiding the bright colors in your design.

3.    Modify the Packaging Design

Customized boxes provide an excellent opportunity to customize the appearance. You may change the artwork or themes without redoing the entire package. Change the boxes on a quarterly, seasonal, or even monthly basis to keep your consumers interested in their products. The container may seem like part of the art, especially when shopping from small businesses and your clients may preserve, use as gift boxes, or even display boxes with varied designs.

Consider Design Elements in All Spaces

4.    To Make Eye-Catching Custom Printed Rigid Boxes:

1.    Use every aspect of the packing.

2.    Consider how we may use negative space (or vacant areas) to enhance the design.

3.    Fill holes with textures and patterns, and balance text blocks.

We can use solid color blocks, bold typefaces, and ways in conjunction to draw attention to critical focal points on your product.

Make Use of Negative Space

It may appear that talking about simplicity after urging that you look at every surface is paradoxical, yet it is precisely the reverse. Design each character with care. A variety of enticing design features are simple to fall for. If your package is too busy or intricate, the underlying message may get lost in the shuffle. Using design philosophy and composition standards focus on a single location. Determine what you want the customer to experience at each stage of the unwrapping process as you explore how to open the package.

5.    Enhance The Package Contents For Wholesale Rigid Packaging Boxes

Use the packaging to enhance the product’s appearance or contents contained within these cheap boxes. Combine that style with your brand’s positioning. You can go for a fun, artistic, modern, natural, or rustic look. This will influence the typefaces you choose, the color tones you use, and other factors. If your handcrafted product is bright, the packaging should be neutral (black, white, or tan) to let the product stand out.

The package may feature bright colors or a contrasting pattern if the product is straightforward. Whether the apparent design is complicated or straightforward, the texture may be utilized to physically support this approach and make the product fascinating to engage with. You don’t want too much packaging for your product, so always look for ways to improve what you’re emphasizing.

6.    DIYPack Allows You To Create Your Custom Boxes.

We should reflect the love and care you put into each item you make for customers in your packaging. DIYPack simplifies bespoke box design for first-time box designers like you, allowing you to produce a beautiful, professional product that enriches your clients’ experience with their order.

7. Choice Of Attractive Font On Boxes

Printed Rigid Boxes are the most important factor in packaging. Design of a good package can significantly increase sales, and for this reason, it is very important to use the right design for your product. The customer’s eye does not distinguish between expensive and inexpensive products, but at first sight goes by the exterior appearance of the package and font written on it. Therefore, a well-designed package will always attract the buyer’s attention.

Ending Thought

Get ready for one of the most exciting processes in packaging design on Custom printed rigid boxes by creating graphics. Yes, I know. You’re thinking two things:

1) Boxes which I made will not that exciting and

2) how do you create them? With a bit of preparation (and some new knowledge), you’ll be ready to go!

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