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Living in a “perfect” obsessed society, body shaming has different definitions according to the society we live in. The action of subjecting or humiliating a person by mocking their shape and size; is actually what we call body shaming. Its scope is very wide. A person can be judged or criticised on different basis like- fat shaming, height shaming, and color of the skin, i.e. shaming of facial features too. Sometimes, it is seen that body shaming extends to a perception of masculinity and feminism. Like, a woman with broad shoulders or physical traits like a man is bullied.

Sometimes men also, with less facial hair or appearance of female/ feminine traits are harassed more often. People who are harassed and bullied tend to attempt suicide due to the negative impacts of body shaming. Sometimes, it feels that there is only one perfect body shape in which everyone should fit. Any bigger; you’re fat-shamed, any slimmer; you’re slim-shamed. The extensive level of impacts of body shaming possesses a negative and emotional effect, depression, and low self-confidence.

They tend to develop issues of eating disorders like – Anorexia and Bulimia which are characterised by a distorted false body image with a fear of getting overweight and too much consciousness about the judgments by the body shamers. It is also seen that men and women who do not fit into the “perfect body shape” suffer from psychological and emotional damage and take years to recover from that.

We try to fit ourselves in the image created by society and we start to feel depressed when we can’t meet their social criteria, or when we can’t fit ourselves according to the perceptions of society. It is also seen that body image affects your mental health as well. The higher the body dissatisfaction, the poorer the quality of life! There are many manifestations of body shaming : 

  1.  You start to criticize your appearance through the judgments of people.
  2. We see people commenting on their dresses like- look, what is she wearing today? We see body shaming often leads to comparison and shame and shows a perception that people should be judged on their physical features. We think that we should always try to emphasize the key model of a perfect body shape and size. Right? We generally do.

Let’s know what causes body shaming.

From the very beginning, we are brought up in a society where these issues have been deeply rooted in the minds of people. In the teen years, attitudes and beliefs about body image are largely influenced by family members, teens, and social media.

The constant bombardment of images outwarding physical fitness and glamorous beauty on social media. The vicious cycle of the appearance of media beauty and the feeling of flaws in your body keeps on going. This becomes very common in today’s generation’s adolescence, as they become highly sensitive about their body. We lack acceptance. Most people don’t know how to respect and accept differences.

Living in society we generally think that clothes play a major role in deciding what type of body should fit in what type of clothes. But, you must know your beauty depends on your soul and not on physical appearance. Wear what you like with special Ericdress offers. Find your choice with confidence and be a part of growing a healthy mentality society.

We here have some ways to deal with body shaming — 

  1.  Understanding that beauty lies beyond physical appearance whether shape, size, or face. Self-love is the key to lowering the showcasing of body shaming. You must focus on the quote that says, “every body is beautiful”
  2. Taking care of your body gives peace to you and your mind too! Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise will keep you healthy
  3. Stop blindly following these media standards which give a false perception of a perfect body.
  4. Surround yourself with people who make you feel better and positive. Just think of something that gives you amazing talks, just like Ericdress deals. Let me guess, you must have gotten excited hearing this. Yes, it gives you a chance to choose your choice of dress according to your size and your perfection.
  5. Replace negative talks and affirmations with people. Always make yourself feel worthy and beautiful as you are in every possible way. You’re strong enough to carry a life within you and the scars prove it.

Be proud of your appearance either your skin tone or physical appearance. Ignore the people who always portray your body as negative, give them a cold shoulder and break the ice by taking Ericdress coupon codes which let you find dresses which you like and succeed in stopping the propaganda of body shaming.

What happens when you suffer from shopping agony? It is not easy to stay positive when it says” the fashion industry has only subscribed to certain sizes”.People often feel shy about asking about their particulars and end up feeling that they aren’t pretty enough. Didn’t it make you feel sad? But no worries at all.

Here you find an Ericdress shopping site with your required sizes and comfortability. Seems so interesting! While shopping you can also apply for Ericdress promo codes to get more benefits for your particular dress. Once you apply for Ericdress discount codes, you get much more discounts on all the products you buy.

People’s trolling is hurtful, so fight back with positivity which will help you to stay happy instantly just like when you get an Ericdress coupon to shop more and more.

Remember you are beautiful as you are! Society judges others based on clothing. People fail to understand that there is something beyond wearing the right clothes, which makes you special and unique, and self-confident.

“Don’t let body shaming decide your wardrobe” It’s your life, live it to the fullest and the way you want it to. So keep your wardrobe full of colors and your favorite choices with the going-on Ericdress sale. Let’s not judge people, instead use the power to build an equal and indiscriminate society.

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