Food Delivery Services are Not Just Restricted to Getting You Delicious Meals!

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“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.” 

It is truly said that not all heroes are seen in capes! And one of the significant examples is the food delivery executives that come bearing delicious meals from your favorite restaurants in the scorching heat! However, their efforts go unseen most of the time. 

While many times people don’t care to offer them water, other times they get ill-treated for late deliveries. 

Well, today we want to keep a few instances in front of you that explain how these executives go above and beyond their duty calls. 

Here’s How These Real-Life Heroes Won Our Hearts! 

Take a look!

1. A Swiggy Executive Saved a Man’s Life

Last year, Swiggy took over to its Instagram handle only to share the act of kindness by one of its delivery executives who came forward in support of a retired colonel. 

The old man fell sick when his son decided to rush him to a hospital in Mumbai. However, they got stuck in traffic during the peak hours of the day, and they pleaded two-wheeler riders to help them. 

While no one stopped, the delivery person took over the duty and rushed the colonel to the hospital. 

He asked people to clear the traffic and pave the way!

Selfless, isn’t it? 

2. An Amazon Delivery Person Helped a Girl Who Met with an Accident

Back in July 2022, a Twitter user talked about a freaky accident that took place in Thane, Maharashtra. He mentioned how a little girl got injured when a metal gate came loose and pierced through her cheek.

It was exactly when an Amazon delivery guy who witnessed the accident rushed to help the girl. As per the Twitter user, he held on to the gate for about 30 minutes till the help arrived. 

It is truly a jaw-dropping act, and we can not ever forget what he had done that day to save the little girl’s life. 

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The icing on the cake will be hiring a selfless team that never fails to help others no matter what!

3. A Swiggy Executive Gave Petrol from his Bike

A woman, through her social media, shared how a delivery executive came forward to help her and her brother at midnight. She mentioned that the two of them were riding back home when their two-wheeler ran out of petrol and stopped in the middle of the road. 

“We got really scared with no passengers in sight,” she mentioned, when they saw a delivery person checking for some address details on his smartphone. 

While her brother approached the guy for towing their bike, the delivery executive asked for a water bottle in return.

When the siblings’ duo refused the same, he emptied his bottle and filled it with petrol from his bike. 

Is there a need to say anything further? 

4. Five Kids Rescued from a Burning Building

A video went viral that showed a delivery executive who was driving past a house on fire and helped rescue five children. He rushed inside the burning house in the U.S and saved the kids right on time. 

5. Helped a Specially-Abled Man

Another video that took the people using social media in awe was of a delivery person helping a specially-abled man on a street. He saw the man in a wheelchair struggling to get on a sidewalk and helped by pushing his chair forward. 

In a Nutshell 

After going through this article, you must have understood the importance of kindness in everyday life. You never know who is going through a tough time; thus, never fail to make people smile with your tiniest of gestures. 

Also, keep spreading love via your lip-smacking meals by delivering to your customer’s doorsteps! Therefore, if you still have not created your digital space, it’s time to give it a shot by roping in the best mobile app development company

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