How Much Does It Cost to Forward Mail?

How Much Does It Cost to Forward Mail?

Mail forwarding is useful for businesses and even home businesses to get the required treatment. It is always important to pick the Best mail forwarding services that is provided at an affordable price. 

Many agencies provide this kind of service, and also it is easy for people to visit the USPS office or use the website to get the service. 

This service charge will be free when you visit the office directly, but when you use the website, they will charge a minimum of $ 1.10 for the Identity validation purpose. 

Benefits of this mail forwarding service

This is the most secure agency with the certification and experience for the best mail forwarding. The change of the address for your business or the home will be temporarily extended even after the service is complete with a minimum charge. 

The main thing is that all your mail will be safely delivered to your new location even when you move to the new place. 

This is safer for the clients to get the service in the form of a virtual box which will be easy to manage and control wherever you are. 

Instead of worrying about changing the address and informing each of the senders, it is better to use this mail forwarding service to get all the letters in a single place. This will reduce your time and also there will not be any chance of missing your mail.

What is the cost of USPS mail forwarding?

The change of address request is easy to submit for free when you are approaching this USPS office directly. But when you use the online website, they will charge the minimum amount of $1.10 for validation. 

This is it, and your request will be accepted, and you will get mail forwarding service for six months. 

But when you want to extend the mail forwarding for six months, 12 months, and 18 months, then it is also possible with the fees of $19.95, $29.95, and $39.95. Thus the extension of the mail forwarding is available for clients whose residential address is permanent. 

Is it possible to forward mail through third-party websites?

The USPS provides the option to forward the mail using third-party websites, which will also be easy for them to pay a particular amount of around $ 40. 

This charge is just the minimum, so even more third-party websites are ready to charge for the mail forwarding service. But the main thing is that the USPS is not responsible for these kinds of services therefore, it is always useful for clients to approach the USPS office directly for the Best mail forwarding service. 

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How secure is this kind of service?

Private mail forwarding will be more secure when you are using the virtual box where you have to simply share the mail, forward it, or scan it in the digital platform. 

There is no need to share personal addresses, and this kind of feature will be more useful for home businesses to get the mail forwarded to the new location or hold for a few months temporarily. 

According to the type of services required for the clients, they will charge the money, so it is always less to use the USPS service instead of approaching third-party websites. The minimum charge for the private mail forwarding services will have a minimum of $ 10 per month. 

All the required letters, packages, and other mail will be forwarded to the right destination without any security issues. 

Pick the best mail forwarding agency

When you are searching for the Best mail forwarding service companies, then you will find various companies like iPostal1, Anytime, PostScan, Traveling, Earth class, etc. These kinds of companies will be more helpful for forwarding safety at an affordable price. 

But when you compare the price list of the various third-party companies, you will find that Anytime is the best. This will allow you to get the forwarding service at $ 5.99 per month. The service is also available in good quality. 

There may also be various companies that are providing the service at the minimum charge. It is the primary choice for the clients to pick the best company that provides the various features in mail forwarding. 


The cost of mail forwarding with the help of the direct USPS office will be free, but when the clients are using the website, then they will have to pay a minimum amount. 

Forwarding will be more beneficial for any business to forward the mail to the temporary location of your business. You can also get permanent forwarding with the particular charge, and the service will be active for six months. 

You can also get more extended service, but your current address should not be temporary. 

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