How to Build the Perfect AR-15 with American-Made Parts

Are you looking to build your own custom AR-15? If so, then you may want to consider using American-made parts. Not only are you supporting the American economy when you buy American-made AR 15 parts, but you’re also getting top-of-the-line quality. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to build the perfect AR-15 with American-made parts that you can be proud of.

The Lower Receiver

When building an AR-15, the first piece of the puzzle is the lower receiver. This is the part of the rifle that contains the firing mechanism and is the foundation for the rest of the build. It’s important to start with a quality lower receiver, as it will directly affect the accuracy and overall performance of your AR-15.

At GunBuilders, we offer a wide range of AR 15 parts, including a variety of lower receivers. Our lower receivers are all made from high-quality, American-made materials and are backed by our lifetime warranty. Whether you’re looking for a complete lower receiver or just a stripped lower receiver, we have something for everyone.

Once you’ve chosen a lower receiver, you’ll need to install it in your AR-15. This can be done easily by following the instructions included with your purchase. Be sure to take your time and make sure all the parts fit properly before firing your new AR-15.

The Upper Receiver

When it comes to building an AR-15, one of the most important components is the upper receiver. The upper receiver houses the barrel and helps guide the cycling of the gun. This is where you’ll find most of the action parts like the bolt carrier group and charging handle.

When selecting an upper receiver for your build, there are a few things to consider. Quality of materials and construction is essential as this part will experience the most wear and tear over time. The type of platform you are building for should also be taken into consideration. For example, if you are building a pistol or SBR, a dedicated AR-15 upper receiver will work best.

At GunBuilders, we offer several quality American-made upper receivers that come in different calibers and styles. We have mil-spec uppers as well as billet and side charging uppers. Each of our uppers come with its own set of AR 15 parts like a forward assist, dust cover and charging handle. When you’re ready to build your perfect AR-15, make sure you have the right upper receiver for the job.

The Barrel

The barrel is one of the most important components of your AR-15 and one of the biggest decisions you will make when building your own rifle. The right barrel will determine the accuracy, velocity, and overall performance of your firearm. Fortunately, there are many quality American-made AR 15 parts that you can choose from.

When selecting a barrel, you should consider length, twist rate, and material. The most popular length for an AR-15 barrel is 16 inches, which meets federal regulations. You should also consider the twist rate, which is the number of inches a bullet needs to travel for the rifling grooves to spin it once. Lastly, you should think about the material. Most barrels are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is more affordable but will rust if not treated with a protective coating, while stainless steel is more expensive but more durable.

GunBuilders is an excellent source for AR 15 parts, including high-quality barrels from top brands like Ballistic Advantage, Wilson Combat, and Spikes Tactical. You can also find options in different lengths and styles to fit your specific needs. So whether you’re looking for a lightweight pencil barrel or a heavy contoured option, you’re sure to find something that meets your requirements with GunBuilders.


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