How to use your Maxtra Brita jug more sustainably?

How to use your Maxtra Brita jug more sustainably?

If you have a Brita water filter cartridges, one of our primary goals was to come up with alternatives for customers to continue using their current goods in ways that were friendlier to the environment.

How to be more environmentally conscious while still using your Brita jug

The Brita water filter cartridges were made available to customers one month ago. We designed this so that customers who loved their Maxtra or Maxtra+ but were dissatisfied with the product’s effect on the environment could have the best of both worlds.

What is the most effective approach to recycling? Refill, reuse.

When we first introduced our V2 filter, its environmentally friendly nature was one of the features that most piqued our interest. 

Users of the Brita system may now avoid the emission of CO2 and energy consumption produced during the cartridges recycling process by using the Compatible cartridge. 

In addition, many customers do not recycle their Brita cartridges, which contributes to the fact that more than 100 million cartridges are dumped in landfills annually. Existing Brita customers have expressed significant frustration over this matter.

Reduce the number of single use accessories that you use with your Brita jug

Once you have our Compatible cartridge, you are all set to make incremental modifications that are not only easy but also wonderfully simple. This is why we love our Compatible cartridge so much. 

Because we need to deliver the filter refill packets, they are small enough to go through most letterboxes, and each filter refill is good for 45 days.

The cutting-edge BRITA MicroFlow Technology in Brita water filter cartridges  makes sure that the water is filtered much better:

• The very small Micro Carbon Pearls are made from carbon in coconut shells. With the help of BRITA MicroFlow Technology, substances that can change the taste and smell of water, like chlorine, are effectively locked away in the millions of pores of the Micro Carbon Pearls inside the filter.

• Ion-Exchange Pearls quickly and effectively eliminate limescale, keeping kettles and coffee machines safe. 

• Effective removal of metals like lead and copper that may be in your water because your plumbing is old.

 • Ion-Exchange Pearls cut down on how much limescale is in your water. Ensure the water you use to make hot and cold drinks in the kitchen is cleaner and tastes better.

BRITA water filter jug 

The BRITA Memo will send you a reminder every four weeks to replace the MAXTRA+ water filter in your home. 

Please remove the protective foil from the Memo display after activating the MAXTRA+ water filter, then push the “START” button until all four bars show in the display and flash twice. After that, the display is complete. 

If the BRITA Memo is operational, there will be a little dot that flashes in the lower right-hand corner of the display. Every single bar represents a lifespan of around one week. 

The MAXTRA+ water filter has a suggested four-week lifespan, equivalent to four bars or 100%. After one week, one of the bars representing the remaining life of the MAXTRA+ water filter will vanish. 

When all of the bars on the MAXTRA+ water filter vanish, and the arrow begins to flash, it is time to replace the filter.

First, filter and then boil the liquid.

If the proper authorities say that the water from the mains supply needs to be boiled, then the BRITA filter must also be boiled. 

When boiling the water is no longer necessary, the whole BRITA water filter jug must be scrubbed clean and a new MAXTRA+ water filter must be put inside. 

People especially sensitive to nickel are told to use home appliances made of stainless steel or kettles with parts that can’t be seen.


The purpose and goals are made to be as flexible as possible, and we want to include everyone interested in making small changes to how they live. 

Simply put, we wanted to help people who wanted to live in a more environmentally friendly way but weren’t ready to give up their Maxtra or Maxtra+ jugs. This is why we came up with these choices. 

If you have a Brita filter device but don’t want to keep throwing away plastic cartridges, the arrival of our Compatible gives you a chance to join the refill revolution.

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