Making Christmas Meaningful – 2022


The Season’s Meaning

Advent is the name of Christmas. It refers to “the coming of Christ, the Messiah into this world.” This season marks the beginning of Advent. We celebrate more than the birth of a special child; we also celebrate “Incarnation,” which is God becoming flesh and living among us.

Meaningful Moments

These simple activities can help you create meaningful moments that focus on the meaning of the season with your family. We would love to have you join us at a special service if you don’t already have a church home.

Here are some fun ideas FINDING BABY Jesus

As a family, read Luke 2’s Christmas story. Talk about your nativity set as described in the Bible. End with Baby Jesus.

Tell your family that you are trying to “find” the true meaning of Christmas. Every day, Baby Jesus will be hiding somewhere in the house. Children can search for Christ each day to place him in the manger. This reminds us that we should always seek Him out throughout the season.


This innovative approach to gift-giving restricts everyone to three gifts. Each represents one of three gifts that the Wise Men gave to a baby king.

A precious metal, gold: This is the gift they would most treasure – it could be their biggest or most sought after item. To symbolize the most expensive gift God gave to us when Jesus died for our sins, place a Gold bow on red wrapping paper.

Frankincense: A sweet-smelling perfume. This would be their “sweetest” item. It should reflect their personality, passions and interests. This Christmas gift can be chosen by many people as a favorite food item. Wrap it in silver paper to represent the fulfillment of the promised Messiah. Before opening, read Isaiah 9:6.

Myrrh oil (an oil that is used for many purposes such as anointing): This gift can be used in many ways. It may not be something you enjoy, but some things just need to be replaced. You might buy new bedding for each child one year and then give them fun pajamas the next year. You can bundle sweaters, socks, tshirts, tights and other items together into one large box.


There are many wonderful wishes that family and friends send during Christmas. Take a few minutes to reflect on the blessings God has bestowed upon you through each Christmas letter or Christmas card you receive.

Next, pray for the individuals you have prayed for and thank God for them. Instead of throwing away these lovely photos and thoughtful cards, place them in a basket or box. The box/basket should be placed near your table. As your family prays, place the box/basket near your table. Spend some time praying for those who sent the cards.


A strand of lights is all you need. To show the darkness, turn off the lights and then plug the string of lights in to make it glow.

“Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light and life of Christ.” We can read this passage together, then discuss how we can follow Christ. After that, everyone should get into their pajamas and grab hot cocoa or apple cider before driving around looking at Christmas lights.

As you drive, play some Christmas music and sing Christmas carols with your friends. You will be amazed at how brightly lit and beautiful the homes are with lights. Observe the dark homes without lights and see how they look.

Ask everyone to vote for their favorite house with lights. Then pray for the family who lives there and ask that Jesus be remembered by all who visit that house. Be thankful to God that His Son was sent to shine His light before you leave for home.


Turn on Christmas worship music. Decorate your Christmas tree. Assign each star or topper. Read The Legend of the Christmas Tree from the Book. Children aged 4-8 years old will be able to discover the amazing story of how evergreen trees became symbols of Christmas and a way for people to learn about God.


Everybody loves A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens. For a family movie night, rent or buy your favorite version of the film. Discuss key scenes and themes in the film with your children after you have watched it together.


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