The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2022

The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2022


You may construct Php development company in Australia web-based applications with the help of the PHP framework. 

The best PHP frameworks include libraries for the most frequently used functions, minimizing the number of original code developers must write.

PHP Framework: What is it?

It would help if you had the PHP framework to construct Php development company Australia web applications. It often comprises components for applying software design patterns and libraries with prepackaged methods and classes. 

The language can also build and export a wide range of text and graphic files and is not limited to HTML.

Because of its adaptability, PHP offers developers, designers, and employers great freedom and creativity.

Our team has compiled the top 10 PHP frameworks for web development. Make sure you select the right one for your project because they are all unique and cater to different needs.

Laravel Known for its accessible, open-source PHP framework, Laravel is a well-known PHP framework. It is a valuable tool for personalizing challenging tasks because it has many features and functionalities built in.

You can utilize additional packages to strengthen the framework. For instance, Laravel-specific packages only function with Laravel, but framework-independent packages work with other PHP frameworks. For example, a well-liked package called Laravel Debugbar adds a toolbar to the application that helps to debug.


CodeIgniter is a lightweight Php development company Australiaframework made for programmers who need a user-friendly collection of tools to create fully functional online applications. 

The PHP framework is compact and uses less than 1.2 MB of disc space. It ensures speedier page loading and negligible effect on your web server and apps.


Despite having been around far longer than the other frameworks on our list, the Symfony framework, which was initially launched in 2005, is a reliable and mature platform. 

Symfony is a versatile PHP framework built on modular components. Additionally, Twig, a fast template engine with an easy syntax, is used by Symfony. Finally, its integrated debugging tool guarantees the seamless operation of your project.

Project Laminas

Laminas replaced the PHP framework created by Zend. Laminas Projects is frequently referred to as a glue framework because of its component-based design. 

The object-oriented, MVC-based PHP framework from Laminas enables you to load only the specific components you want as standalone libraries. 

Additionally, the MVC framework and its members follow corporate development best practices, making them suitable for complex web applications.


Compared to other PHP frameworks, Phalcon stands out because of its C and C++-based development approach. However, it offers a wide range of development possibilities that let you create flawless online applications. 

The framework has a universal autoloader, asset management, caching, and other features. To help developers better grasp the PHP framework, Phalcon has a wealth of documentation that is easy to use and understand.


Look no further if you’re looking for a straightforward and attractive toolbox. You can use CakePHP to help you build functional, aesthetically pleasing websites. 

CakePHP’s CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) structure makes it one of the most accessible learning frameworks. 

Early in the new millennium, CakePHP made its debut, and since then, performance has been enhanced, and a variety of new features have been introduced. CakePHP has one of the most extensive helpful components in its enormous library. 

This is an excellent option if you need to add hard-to-find features.

Framework for Zend

Due to characteristics like inheritance and interfaces, the Zend framework is an entirely object-oriented framework that can be expanded. 

It was developed utilizing the agile methodology, allowing you to provide corporate clients with high-quality apps. 

Zend’s flexibility and adherence to Php development company Australia’s best practices are crucial for developers wishing to add project-specific functionality.


For creating high-performance web applications, PHPixie is a wholly optimized full-stack PHP framework. 

Like FuelPHP, it offers a Hierarchical Model-View-Controller (HMVC) composed of many parts. Additionally, the framework has a vibrant community that regularly makes enhancements to the framework’s many features.


The workload is decreased using the Php development company Australiaframeworks to simplify the development process. Each framework differs in terms of community, documentation, and database support, as well as its unique benefits and drawbacks.

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