Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Home Landscaper

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Are you one of those who want to enhance your outdoor space through landscaping?

The growth of the landscaping market in the United States has seen the market for landscaping grow by 4.5% between 2021 and 2025. This is due to increasing lawn care and landscape activities in the U.S. A professional landscaper may be needed to help improve your home’s landscaping.

Here are nine questions you should ask before hiring a landscaper to work on your home.

1. Do You Get My Vision?

Prior to anything else, ensure that you and the contractor agree on all details. Talk with your contractor about what you are looking for and what your budget is. To help your contractor understand your vision, share photos and videos of your dream yard.

The contractor should be able create an illustration that meets your requirements. A scale drawing of the property should be provided by your contractor.

2. How experienced is your team?

When looking for residential landscape contractors, consider the experience of the contractor. It is a good rule to choose a landscaping company that has been in business for 3 to 5 years.

This history ensures that contractors are knowledgeable in all aspects of home landscaping. This shows that they can take on any challenge and deliver high quality landscaping work.

A company profile that shows their past work is another indicator of experience. This will show you if they have had similar projects to yours, and how successful they were at completing them. This document will allow you to evaluate whether or not they are worth your time and money.

3. Do you have an industry specialist on your team?

A team of industry specialists is essential for any landscaping company to be successful. These specialists are invaluable for projects that involve irrigation, plumbing, demolition, or other special work.

Not all landscaping companies offer installation of outdoor lighting systems. It’s best for your project to hire a specialist contractor.

Ask them about any other services they offer. Are they able to build outdoor structures like patios or decks?

This is especially important for outdoor living spaces. You won’t need to spend your time or money searching for additional help. The company will be there when you need it.

Cape Cod landscaping offers lawn care and landscape services. This is ideal if you need to erect a patio or deck, or a driveway. Our experts can also install lighting systems for your outdoor living spaces.

4. What are the inclusions in your service?

Each home landscaping project is unique because of the differences in location and layout. Some projects might require additional work such as irrigation and plumbing. Ask for specific details when you hire a landscaper.

While some landscape contractors offer maintenance, others only provide installation. Before you sign with a contractor, it is important to understand what they are not responsible for. This will allow you to determine if the service they offer is worth the price.

5. What is the Installation Process?

Ask for details about the installation process if you are purchasing landscaping services. Ask the contractor how they will build your project, and what materials and equipment they’ll use. It is also important to identify who will be responsible in a given task.

Ask the landscaper to give you an overview of their construction methods. This will answer any landscaping questions you might have.

6. Are you able to provide a guarantee for your work?

In landscaping projects, insurance and bonds are essential as you will need to move valuables around and operate machinery. It is comforting to know that the contractor will pay for any damages that may occur in the event of an accident.

A landscaper should offer warranties on plants, pavers, or wall installations. A landscape contractor should be able to guarantee their work for at most two years. This is especially important for projects that involve water features like fountains or ponds.

7. Are Permits Required for the Project?

Some areas and cities have guidelines for landscaping. This includes the addition of a pool and a deck, and the construction of a retaining wall more than 2 feet high. You must follow a specific guideline when installing footers, plumbing and gas lines.

These regulations are essential for a great landscaper. These landscaping activities should be organized by your contractor. This is crucial in avoiding any red tape that might occur during the process.

8. What is your pest control policy?

A good landscaper will have a solid pest control and prevention policy. This is especially important if the majority of the plants they will be installing are from foreign countries. Your landscaper must also be aware of the pests that can pose a danger to your plants, and how they will deal with them.

9. What is the time frame before the project is completed?

Due to weather conditions, it is difficult to predict when home improvements will be completed. A great contractor will be able estimate the date and take into account these variables.

These are the Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Landscaper

You want everything to go according to plan when you make major home improvements. It is crucial to hire a landscaper in order to make your dream landscape a reality. These questions will help you choose the right landscape contractor for you.

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced and trustworthy landscape contractor? Cape Cod landscaping company will help you create your ideal outdoor space.