The Correct Way to Use Electric Pruning Shears, Are You Using It Correctly

Electric pruning shears are now an indispensable tool in garden tools. As the saying goes, sharpening a knife does not mistake woodcutters. If you don’t know how to use electric pruning shears correctly eBay Discount Code NHS.

It will take a lot of effort, and even It will affect the service life of electric pruning shears. Now let’s take a look at the correct use of electric pruning shears.


  1. Do not cut branches beyond the working range of the scissors, do not cut non-plant material such as metal, stone, etc., do not clamp tools in a vise, replace scissors blades if they are worn or damaged
  2. Keep the equipment clean, use a clean cloth to clean electric pruning shears, batteries and chargers (do not use any corrosive or solvent-based cleaners), use a soft brush or dry cloth to clean the dust on the scissors heads
  3. Do not immerse electric pruning shears, batteries and chargers in any liquid such as water
  4. Please use the equipment correctly according to the instructions for use. Do not use the electric pruning shears, batteries, and chargers if they are damaged.
  5. The stock switch cannot be turned on or off normally. Do not use the electric pruning shears. The electric pruning shears that cannot be controlled by the switch are dangerous and need to be repaired.
  6. Make sure the switch is off when making any adjustments, changing attachments or storing the pruners, this protective measure will reduce the risk of the pruners being accidentally activated
  7. Please store the idle electric pruning shears with the blades closed, out of the reach of children, and do not let unfamiliar electric pruning shears or people who do not understand the instructions to operate, untrained users use is dangerous
  8. When using electric pruning shears and accessories, follow the instructions and methods of use, and at the same time consider the working environment and the work to be done. Using electric pruning shears for operations that do not meet the requirements may lead to danger
  9. After use, the moving blade and the fixed blade should be decontaminated first, and then lubricating oil or engine oil should be applied to the contact parts to keep the blade in a normal maintenance state. The next use will reduce resistance and prolong the life of the blade.

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How to choose Pruning Shears

Many families now have a variety of plants. The branches of the plants are relatively soft, while the branches of some plants are very hard.

Yes, the pruning shears can easily cut off the tougher branches. Next, I will introduce to you how to choose pruning shears among gardening scissors. I hope it will be helpful to you.  

Select the corresponding scissor blade length.

If you want to buy high-quality pruning shears, you must choose the length of the corresponding scissors blade before choosing pruning.

Some pruning shears have longer blades, and some pruning shears have shorter blades. If you often prune those particularly thick branches, then buy pruning shears with a longer blade, otherwise, buy pruning shears with a shorter blade.

Is the lock convenient and comfortable to use

If you want to buy a pair of high-quality pruning shears, when choosing pruning shears, you must feel whether the lock is convenient and comfortable to use. The locks of those high-quality pruning shears are relatively smooth to use. Yes, it is easier to open and close the lock.

The spring performance is good.

If you want to buy a pair of pruning shears with high-quality whistle skin caps, when choosing pruning shears, you should choose those pruning shears with better spring performance, so in the process of purchasing, you should actually feel the pruning shears.

The spring performance of the pruning shears, if the spring rebound of the pruning shears is relatively strong and stable during the opening and closing process, then the quality of the pruning shears will not be too bad.

Choose ones that are easy to clean.

If you want to buy a high-quality pruning shears, when choosing pruning parts, it is best to choose those that are easier to clean, because pruning shears often trim branches.

There will be some stains on the cover, it is easier to choose those It is not easy to leave stains on the scissors after cleaning.

For example, many pruning shears have a Teflon coating on the surface, which can effectively prevent the scissors from rusting Toilet Accessories.

Benefits of Using Electric Loppers for Tree Trimming

With it: you can double the pruning efficiency and increase the pruning income. Realize making money by technology and advanced equipment, instead of relying on physical strength to make a living.

After the pruning job is over, there will be no long periods of unbearable finger or arm pain, and you can get on with life easily.

More Humane

The combination of science and art, technology and human nature, with solid structure and good function, makes the design more aesthetically pleasing and more ergonomic eBay Discount Code NHS.

More Effortless

The power is relatively strong, using a brushless DC motor. The power is strong, and the hands and arms are no longer sore after working for a long time. After cutting the branches, you can easily continue to do other farm work.

Fruit Trees Are Healthier

The cut section is smooth and easy to heal. Avoiding the occurrence of fruit tree rot and lesions caused by uneven or torn cuts.

More Environmentally Friendly

Lithium battery drive, no pollution, low energy consumption, low operating cost.

More Durable

The bottom of the failure is low. The operation is stable, the supporting structure of the whole machine is simple, the cutting capacity and life of the blade are high, there are few faults, and the adjustment and maintenance are more convenient eBay Discount Code NHS.


The high-tech lithium battery has larger capacity and lighter weight. The weight of the scissors part is lighter than that of similar domestic products. Which is more suitable for long-term work.


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