The Intentions of Android Apps Collecting Data Have Changed: Is It?

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No wonder Android and Apple make continuous efforts to ensure the safety of their users who download mobile apps for daily use. 

For instance, Google recently introduced its Data Safety section that makes the app downloading process much more secure for Android users. The objective of the new feature is to make app consumers familiar with the manner that mobile apps collect, share, and secure their data. 

More About The Data Safety Section 

As per Google, the new section is the responsibility of app developers to update whenever new releases of an app are rolled out. Therefore, whenever a developer regulates or amends any data handling execution, the new take has to be justified in the Data Safety section. 

Undoubtedly, the new section is an exceptional feature for people distressed about their security and want to acquire insights on data collection and sharing by an app. 

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What’s more? 

Upon asking Google app users, they are also curious to learn more about the purpose their data is being collected by the app. In addition, they want to seek answers to questions such as if the data is being shared with third parties. 

So, here’s the information that an app developer will have to provide for an app:

  • The purpose for which the data is being collected.
  • If the data is being shared with third parties or not.
  • If the data is being encrypted and whether it can be deleted upon users’ request.
  • If the Android app regulates the Google Play Store’s policies. 

It is also essential to mention that the new section can only be found inside the Play Store, and is easily accessible. 

Here’s the Catch! 

As mentioned earlier, Android apps collect all types of data, including name, location, etc. Not only this, but sometimes it may also have access to media and messages. Therefore, it becomes vital for an app user to understand the data an app is going to access before downloading the same. 

There’s always a catch, isn’t it? 

Since the Data Safety section is for the developers to fill in, don’t you think the information can be played with?

Google warned that if the Data Safety screen is not accurate or incomplete by any chance, the application’s update will be blocked or those apps will be removed from the Store. However, it is still unclear how instantly Google will take action against the same. 

It Seems Like Google is Not Alone!

Well, Google is not the only one if you thought so! Apple’s privacy function ‘nutrition labels’ is doing pretty much the same by leaving it up to developers. 

Notably, the only advantage that Android has over iOS in this situation is that the apps are not restricted to the Play Store. Instead, users can get these apps from third-party stores like Aurora Store, which lays down an app permissions list, making it a safe alternative. 

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, providing users with more transparency and visibility as to how mobile apps collect and share their information will be an exceptional way to keep the entire ecosystem safe. 

Apps help people experiment with new things, explore, learn, and whatnot! Therefore, with the amalgamation of Google’s new Data Safety section, users will have better control over the apps and their utilization. 

Do you agree? 

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Happy innovation!


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