The Only Problem With the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made

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I discussed San Francisco-based clothing business American Giant, which had mastered the hooded sweatshirt, in a post from December. Frankly, that’s an understatement. I did not limit my writing to American Giant. I dimmed the lights, turned on some Barry White, and let out my lovely, delicate love for the company and its garments over the course of almost 2,000 gyrating words. The Only Problem With the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made

I stated that there was “truly no comparison” between American Giant’s sweatshirt and its rivals. “It feels a lot more durable and looks better.” Also, the outside of the Ahegao Faces hoodie from American Giant has a nice texture and is robust and toasty. And: “I could never imagine a hoodie appearing unslouchy before I donned American Giant’s hoodie. This one gives the impression that you thought carefully about your outfit before rushing out the door. And finally: “You’ll wonder why all other garments aren’t constructed this nicely when you wear this hoodie.” The Only Problem With the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made

Eliminating intermediaries is American Giant’s secret to keeping quality at competitive pricing. American Giant, in contrast, creates and produces all of its own clothing, and it sells everything online. American Giant can spend a lot more time and money producing superior clothing since there are no middlemen


My article became viral. ABC News, Kottke, NPR, and a huge number of users on Twitter and Facebook all took note of the American Giant as a result. When I phoned the creator of American Giant earlier this month, Bayard Winthrop, he said, “In the course of approximately 36 hours we sold out of everything.” “The shelves were completely empty. There was nothing left. The Only Problem With the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made

That shelf replenishment has not been simple. At least a dozen people have tweeted or sent me emails in the months since my story was published to express their frustration at not being able to purchase a hoodie. Since December, the company’s items have been on backorder, and anyone who puts in an order will experience significant delays. Now, American Giant predicts that all of its inventory will be available by the start of May. For now, if you want to get a hoodie, you’ll have to wait at least a month to obtain it.


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