Tips for Cleaning Up Your Yard in Order to Host Outdoor Events

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Outdoor hosting season is here, and the sun is shining! It’s a good idea to do some outdoor cleaning so that your space is ready for hosting. Two Brothers Dumpsters can help you get rid of that old barbeque and make way for a new one. Residential friendly dumpster is here to make your summer more enjoyable with family and friends!

Five areas to clean up before you host outdoor events

Before you send out invitations, make sure that your space is prepared for hosting. These tips will help you prepare your home to host any summer events.

1. Get rid of clutter in your yard

Your yard will be the first thing guests see when they visit you outside. Start in your front yard by mowing your lawn and trimming your plants. To ensure your company’s safety and efficiency, trim any branches or hedges that are too long. Clear any debris and clutter that may be blocking your side gate from entering the backyard for family members or friends. Clear out the backyard and dispose of any branches or leaves that have remained from winter and spring.

You can host guests in your backyard or front yard, but make sure it is clear and easy for them to stand or sit. Make sure your pool area is free from water spillages and accessible for your guests. To make more space for guests, it is a good idea to get rid of any trampolines or kid’s playsets that your children have outgrown.  You can do all the lifting and loading for these large items. All you need to do is point!

2. Organize the shed

Now it’s time for you to get into your shed and pull out the items that are needed to host. Take out the barbecue and clean off any winter dust. Make sure your grill has not been left out in cold weather. Tulsa OK dumpster rental can haul your barbeque away if it is damaged or you just want to upgrade your outdoor hosting!

Next, take out seasonal furniture that has been stored in the shed over the past few months. Clean off dirt and dust. To check for structural damage and holes, give the seat cushions and chairs a quick inspection. A broken chair is not something you want guests to use. You should make sure that your furniture is easily accessible if you don’t plan to put it outside immediately. You can also find any outdoor games that you might need to make your guests happy. There’s always a chance you might need to play bocce or cornhole. You don’t need any extra activities, but you do want to get some summer games. Make sure you have enough space for them by getting rid off any unnecessary items.

3. Refresh your patio

Now it’s time for you to refresh your patio area. Be sure to thoroughly clean your deck and patio furniture before you move them onto the deck. You may need to take different steps depending on what material you have for cleaning your patio. If your deck is made from wood, you might want to re-stain it to make it look great and protect it from the elements.

You can inspect your patio furniture to ensure it isn’t damaged by the elements if it stays outside all year. Residential friendly dumpster Tulsa can help you to haul away any unwanted or broken furniture, such as tables, chairs, planters and more. Once you’ve got rid of everything you don’t use, take a look at your inventory to ensure you have enough seating for all guests. Nobody wants to sit on the ground. If you need additional seating, folding chairs and bench seating are excellent options.

4. Prep your kitchen space


Outdoor summer hosting is all about the delicious food. Although most of the grilling will take place outdoors, most of the prep work will be done indoors. Make sure you have a clean, organized kitchen so that you are able to move around during the event. For more tips, see our complete kitchen cleaning checklist. After you have finished cleaning, prepare any food ahead of time, such as prepping lemonade, making homemade dip and chopping vegetables. It will be much easier to spend more time outdoors with guests than in the kitchen.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, make sure it is fully stocked before you invite your guests. You won’t have to go inside as often to get ingredients. Make a list of all the items you will need before you go. Don’t forget to include condiments, cutlery, drinks, etc.

5. Make sure to clean high-traffic areas in your home

Even though the event is outdoors, it’s possible that someone will need to enter the house during the event. You should make sure that your guests have enough space for their bags and coats if they are using your front door to get into your backyard. Clear out any shoes, backpacks or other items that might be blocking your front door. Keep them safe from your guests’ eyes while they are there. Clear out your closets if they are stuffed with out-of-season items such as winter boots and jackets. You can also declutter and get rid of any items that are not in use.

If you don’t have an outside bathroom, your guests will likely have to go inside. Before hosting guests, give it a quick cleaning and make sure it has enough supplies like soap and toilet paper. Check out our blog for four simple steps to clean your bathroom.

It may be worthwhile to clean more places inside depending on the forecast. You can also move indoors as soon as the air cools down and the sun sets later in the evening. It’s possible that the event will move indoors.

It’s now time to send those invitations out and enjoy the summer outdoors. Tulsa OK dumpster rental can help you make outdoor hosting a breeze so that you can spend more time with your loved ones. All your junk removal needs will be met by us. So you can spend your summer entertaining family and friends, we handle all of the lifting, loading and proper disposal.