Top 5 Best Dental Clinics in USA 2022

Dental Clinics

If you’re looking for the best dental clinics in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of our ranking, you’ll be able to find the one that suits you the best. You’ll be able to get the necessary treatment you need to restore your smile.


If you are looking for a dental clinic in USA 2022, there are many options to choose like orthodonti from. Some of them offer great value and are affordable, while others are a bit more expensive and offer a higher level of coverage. You can also find discount plans that can save you money on your treatment. But before you choose a plan, it’s important to understand your specific needs.

Dental treatment is expensive, but there are ways to make the cost more manageable. In general, dental insurance covers normal dental procedures. However, orthodontic services are not covered by most plans.

Cigna offers a plan that is budget-friendly. It does not require a deductible and has a low annual maximum. Also, there are no waiting periods for preventative care. The company also offers coverage for minor restorative work.

Village Dental

There’s a reason why Merion Village Dental is considered the gold standard for quality and service. It’s a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of dental experience under its belt. In that time, they’ve gathered a devoted following of over a thousand happy clients.

Aside from a solid patient care program, the clinic also offers a host of benefits and incentives for patients. From a free fluoride treatment for children to a reward system for referring friends and family, the team at Merion Village Dental make the whole process fun and enjoyable. Unlike most dental offices, they do not rush their patients through the door, and take their time in ensuring they are comfortable. For this reason, they’ve garnered the honor of being rated one of the top dental offices in Philadelphia.


It’s no secret that Tend Dental is a new kid on the block. As such, they have a few things going for them. Besides being the first to use an all-in-one mobile app, they’ve also got the coolest staff and an office that’s not only trendy, but laidback. So you’ll never feel rushed or suffocated while getting the work done.

Their website isn’t exactly a click-and-mortar, but it is still full of slickly designed features. They also have an impressive social media presence. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, they’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to meet up with old friends, meet with colleagues, or just get your teeth cleaned, they’ll have you covered.

To top it all off, they’re expanding their reach to Washington DC and Boston in the coming months.

Bowles Dental

Bowles Dental Clinic offers a variety of dental services, including cosmetic, restorative and preventive treatments. The practice provides comprehensive dental care and accepts most insurance plans. You can also take advantage of financing options and same day appointments. Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Bowles Dental is a great place to visit if you are looking for a new dentist.

This professional clinic is led by Drs Chad Bowles and Brad Higgerson. They also have a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. You can make an appointment online or by phone.

This dental practice uses a simple, mobile-friendly design. Their website is also easy to navigate and contains an engaging design with stock photos. It also utilizes texting capabilities. Besides providing high-quality dental care, the practice is also well-optimized for search engines.

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