Best UPSC coaching institutes in India 2023

UPSC Coaching Institutes

IAS preparation is costly. IAS ka full form kya hota hai? Bharatiya Prashasanik Sewa or Indian Administrative Services can take months or even years to prepare for the exam. 

There is no doubt that three years of good practice would be required to be competitive in the written round itself. In addition, after thorough preparations, the waiting period for appearing for the interview round could also stretch for many months.

However, this does not mean that there are no viable options, with a bit of research, you might find out about some UPSC coaching institutes in India. 

That offer considerably cheaper solutions than what is provided by university programs and coaching classes at centers like IITs or IIMs

This blog post is aimed at helping you find the best coaching institute that will suit your needs and give you the utmost opportunity to clear the UPSC exams with flying colors in 2022. 

To prepare for the UPSC examinations, you need a full-time coaching institute that can provide practical guidance on all aspects of UPSC preparation. 

The institutes mentioned here are best suited for aspirants who aim to take up educational careers after clearing their exams in 2022.

Best UPSC Coaching Institutes in India 2023

1) Legacy IAS Academy, Bangalore: 

Legacy IAS Academy is a one-stop solution for your UPSC preparation in Bangalore. This institute offers intensive training and genuine and comprehensive help to aspiring IAS officers with a plan based on the syllabus of all IAS exams. 

The institute has a mission to graduate students who are determined to take the UPSC examinations with a ready package of knowledge about all aspects of admissions in India’s premier institutions for higher learning.

2) Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Academy, New Delhi: 

For 15 years, Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Academy has prepared students for civil service examinations. They have produced over 700 toppers with a 100 percent success rate in the UPSC exams. 

Their programs are known to be the most affordable coaching institutes in India. They have produced excellent results over the past six years, with more than four students securing the UPSC civil service examinations each year. 

This well-established institute has trained thousands of individuals who have secured the UPSC exams.

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3) Astitva I.A.S., Jaipur: 

Astitva I.A.S. is a leading coaching institute for UPSC examinations in the educational capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. They provide the best-in-class program for students to prepare for UPSC exams, which is cost-effective and time-efficient. 

They have an enviable record of producing candidates who have secured positions in the IAS cadre in Rajasthan. It is a leading coaching institute that provides students with a complete package of knowledge and practice.

4) Resonance Kota: 

Resonance Kota has been offering the best-in-class programs for UPSC examinations for many years. This well-recognized institute has trained over 50,000 students who cleared their exams on the first attempt. 

They have developed a practical methodology that is conducive to preparing you for the UPSC exam and is one of the best in class. 

They are known for providing comprehensive training methodologies to students that enable them to clear their UPSC exams with flying colors.

5) Lakshya IAS Academy, Mumbai: 

Lakshya IAS Academy has been a pioneer in providing excellent coaching and support to UPSC candidates. 

They are known for providing the most comprehensive programs to aspiring officers, which are aimed at helping them secure good results. 

This well-established institute has trained thousands of students who have secured tremendous success in their UPSC exams.


The UPSC examination is one of India’s most popular and prestigious exams. It is one of the best methods for achieving your dreams and making a name for yourself and your country. 

With some research, you can find the best coaching institute that will suit your needs and give you the maximum boost to clear the UPSC exams with flying colors in 2022.

To prepare for the IAS examinations, you can join many coaching institutes. In India, numerous cities have coaching institutes that offer excellent facilities to their students to help them prepare better for their IAS examinations.

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