Vitamin K2: The Vitamin For Oral Health & Healthy Bones

Vitamin K2: The Vitamin For Oral Health & Healthy Bones

Eating a balanced diet is a crucial part of maintaining good oral hygiene. Be sure you get all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to safeguard dental health better. And most importantly, restrict any foods and beverages that can harm your teeth. But is Vitamin among those vitamins that are good for your gums and teeth? If so, is consuming a supplement beneficial? Below, we’ll provide you with important information about vitamin K2 so you can make decisions for your oral health for a beautiful smile. 

First Things First: What is Vitamin K2? 

Vitamin K refers to a fat-soluble vitamin that produces a protein called prothrombin, which helps promote blood clotting and regulates bone metabolism.

The vitamin comes in two primary forms:

  • Vitamin K1, also called phylloquinone, is present naturally in dark leafy green vegetables, and it is the primary source of vitamin K.
  • Vitamin K2 also referred to as menaquinone, is found in organ meats and fermented foods. Gut bacteria also naturally produce vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 is one of the significant forms of the vitamin. It is crucial for a variety of functions in the body, particularly for bone, oral, and cardiovascular health. Also, it is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in activating proteins that are involved in regulating the mineralization of bones and teeth. 

This essential nutrient also helps prevent calcium buildup in the arteries and eventually reduces the susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. Vitamin K2 is formed naturally by certain bacteria in the gut; however, it can also be obtained through dietary sources such as fermented foods, certain types of cheese, and animal foods. 

Just Thrive offers high quality vitamin K2 supplements that assist in maintaining a strong immune system, enhancing energy levels, and thriving heart and bone health. These vitamin supplements let you live a healthy, vibrant life and support the proper functioning of heart, brain, bone, teeth, and nerve health. Apply the Just Thrive Coupon Code to get huge savings on your purchases. 

Where Does Vitamin K2 Come From?

The vitamin is a fat soluble compound that can be found in animal foods and fermented foods. The best sources of vitamin K2 are fermented foods such as natto (fermented food made from soybeans), eggs, and chicken, as well as certain types of cheese and organ meats such as the liver. Small amounts of vitamin K2 can also be found in egg yolks and butter. Additionally, some vitamin supplements are also available on the market.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin K2?

The benefits of vitamin K2 are as follows:

  • Promoting bone health: Vitamin K2 helps activate a protein called osteocalcin, which is essential for building strong bones.
  • Supporting cardiovascular health: Vitamins may help reduce the risk of health disease by preventing calcium buildup in the arteries.
  • Improving dental health: This miracle vitamin helps activate a protein called matrix Gla protein, which helps avoid the buildup of calcium in the blood vessels in the gums.
  • Boosting immune function: It also helps activate proteins that play a vital role in the immune response.
  • Supporting brain health: Research suggests that vitamin K2 may positively impact brain health and cognitive function.

Best Vitamin K2 Supplements: Top Three Recommendations 

Sports Research Vitamin D3+K2 

Sports Research Vitamin D3+K2 Plant Gel capsules deliver optimal results when taken alone. Vitamin K2 helps calcium gets deposited in the bones and protects arteries from calcification. At the same time, D3 promotes stronger bones by metabolizing calcium and supporting a healthy immune system.

This formula combines VegaDELight vegan D3, a patented form of vitamin D3 from lichen, and MenaQ7 K2, a patented form of K2 from chickpeas, along with virgin coconut oil in a vegan PlantGel capsule. These plant based capsules contain turmeric root powder in the outer softgel shell. The yellow color of turmeric protects the active ingredients inside the shell against photo-degradation that may occur from UV light. 

With five-star ratings on Amazon, it is one of the top-rated vitamin K2 supplements on the online shopping platform. Besides, the company stands behind its product with a 90-day no, question-asked return policy.

Vitamin K2: The Vitamin For Oral Health & Healthy Bones

Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7 

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the clinically proven goodness of Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7! Formulated with MenaquinGold, the product offers the bioavailable form of K2 along with 100% guaranteed potency. This formula is completely natural and does not contain soy, dairy, sugar, salt, tree nuts, or gluten. Also, it is suitable for those who are on the vegan, keto, or paleo diet. Vitamin K27 is the only product available with the clinically approved dosage of 320 mcg sourced from non-GMO chickpea natto. 

NOW Vitamin K2

NOW Foods is one of the most reputed health supplement brands. This family-owned and run business was started in 1968 and is best known for its high-quality standards. Now vegan capsules deliver 100 mcg of MK-4 as well as 250 mg of alfalfa powder in a serving of one capsule. One bottle of this dietary supplement costs $16.99 and contains 100 veg capsules. Best of all, these Vitamin capsules are made without gluten, dairy, nut, soy, non GMO ingredients and are Kosher friendly. 


Vitamin K2 is made by the bacteria present in the gut, which can convert supplements. This vitamin is found in highly fermented foods such as natto, cheese, liver, yogurt, and organ meats. Also, it supplements the vitamin K1 that the body obtains through diet.

As mentioned already, it contributes to the prevention of calcium buildup in the arteries and, thus, the risk of high blood pressure. Additionally, Vitamin K2 plays a role in calcium metabolism and helps protect teeth and bone density. Without calcium would not be able to get absorbed by the protein. 


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