What is a hoverboard & how does it work?


The term hoverboard comes from the 1980s film Back to the Future in which hoverboard the technology is not quite there yet. The hoverboards available today are electrically powered two-wheel hoverboard on which a person can move while standing. The hoverboard keeps itself in balance similar to a Segway by an electronic drive control and is control by the driver’s weight shift.

So far no uniform name has been establish for this type of device. Other designations are, for example, e-board, self-balancing board self-balancing scooter mini Segway. Most of the devices should be known under the term hoverboard.

How does a hoverboard work?

Position sensors are contain in the two trea on which the driver stands. By applying pressure and shifting body weight, these sensors detect whether the driver is leaning forwards, backwards or to the side.

The sensors give this information as a control command to the hub motors, which are located under the treads and drive the wheels. The wheel on the side that is more heavily load rotates more slowly than the other wheel depend on the difference in load on the two treads. For example if you want to drive to the right the right side is load more and the right wheel rotates a little slower than the left wheel.

The power supply for the motors is usually provided by powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

How safe are hoverboards?

There have been reports in the media of burning and exploding hoverboards caused by overheated batteries while in use or charging. The cause of such accidents are probably inferior batteries install in cheap devices. In addition, cheaper devices may save on overcharge protection and other components. Make sure you buy a high-quality device. Buying cheap good is not recommend.

Since the battery can heat up when charging, there should be no flammable objects nearby during charging. Charging should only be done under control not in the absence or when everyone is sleeping. In addition the device should be disconnect from the mains after the maximum charging time.

What should you consider when using it?

There is no minimum age require by law. However, some manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 12 or 14 years.

Hoverboards may not be use in Uk in public traffic areas, i.e. on public streets, footpaths or cycle paths and parking lots. Since hoverboards are motorize and go faster than 6 km/h, they are consider motor vehicles. This means that it is not permit to be use on sidewalks. They may not be use on street and parking lots as they are not approved for road traffic.

The use of the boards is currently only permit on private property. It is questionable whether this will change, since they cannot meet the approval regulations for road traffic due to their construction.

If you use a hoverboard in public traffic, you risk a point in Flensburg and a fine. When use without a driver’s license the criminal offense of driving without a driver’s license is add. The police can also confiscate the device. If damage to property or personal injury is caused by the Hoverboards Christmas Sale private liability insurance may refuse to cover the costs and the costs would have to be borne by the driver.

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