Best International School in Tokyo for Your Kid’s Preschool Education

The roots should be spread deep inside the soil in order for the tree to stand strong. Your kid’s preschool education is like a tree’s roots. Your kid must get a good education to have a bright future. So as parents, it’s our responsibility to give them the best education in their early years.

Before enrolling our kid(s) in any school, we must do a background check, right? This article is a background check on Global Indian International School and explains why it is the perfect school for your child.

Best Montessori School of Tokyo

GIIS is the best montessori school of tokyo for your child or children to establish their roots. GIIS provides a well-structured curriculum. Their 9GEMS framework is proven and has produced many fruitful results. The framework focuses on the overall excellence of the students. By “overall excellence,” they mean academics, extracurricular activities, and many more. 

GIIS ensures that your child grows in a happy and safe environment. They give importance to the psychological well-being of the students. Their faculty is highly qualified and experienced in modern teaching techniques. The school makes use of technology to teach better. GIIS helps students develop their skills, abilities, and personalities. 

5 Pillars of GIIS’s Montessori Education in this International School in Tokyo

Excelerate Program

Preschool education should help kids improve their LSRW skills. GIIS focuses more on these skills as they are crucial. The school also helps kids attain language fluency. GIIS makes sure the kids get the basics right. The Excelerate program is intended to teach children all of the fundamentals that they will be taught.

Multi-faceted Learning

Every child is unique. Every child has a different personality. So every child needs to be nurtured and taught differently. At GIIS, they give special attention to each and every kid in their learning process. The school strives to instil confidence and positivity in the kids.

iPlay Program

GIIS believes in the overall excellence of the students. So they give equal importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities. These activities are organised under the faculty’s guidance. The main goal of these activities is to develop critical thinking, emotional skills, etc.

iCare Program

GIIS focuses on instilling ethics and values in kids. Kids can improve their empathy towards society and the environment by learning these ethics and values. With these values, we can help kids grow and become good individuals in society. 

Future Ready Program

GIIS highlights 21st-century education. So, they teach STEM models to help kids gain good knowledge of science and technology. The programs are designed to develop creative and mental capabilities. 


To sum up in a few sentences, GIIS is the best international school in Tokyo for your kid’s preschool education. This Montessori school in Tokyo focuses on the overall development of kids. They have an advanced curriculum that helps your kid grow mentally and physically strong.

Their five-pillar model is the perfect blueprint for how they develop our kids in school. Through this model, they teach everything that a kid needs to become a better individual in society. The classrooms are fully digitalized, and the faculty are experienced and well-versed in modern teaching methods.