Best Schools On Bangalore’s Bannerghatta Road

Banerghatta road is the state highway that connects multiple towns in Karnataka. It is an excellent place to live as it has almost every amenity within arm’s reach. The schools in Bannerghatta road are apt for all the locals and children from the neighbouring towns due to easy connectivity and excellent education quality. That is why parents explore all the schools in this area during primary school admission, trying to figure out which would suit their child’s needs.

If you are looking for the right school in this area to enrol your child, brace yourself for a lot of research. You will get a never-ending list of options offering almost every possible curriculum plan and all the amenities you need for your child. It will be utterly challenging to decide as every school will claim to be the right option, and your dilemmas won’t end if you do not follow a proven strategy. So, to help you reach the right decision without taking up much of your time, we have listed the schools that are the best out of the rest.

List of best schools on Bannerghatta road

The Global Indian International School

If you have been looking for the best schools in Bangalore, you must have come across the GIIS. It is the most popular choice amongst parents as the school offers an international standard of education under a very nominal fee structure. Moreover, the environment at school is happy and nurturing so that every child feels safe, engaged, and interested in learning. Once you enrol your child into the Global Indian International School, rest assured that he will get the required exposure to prepare him for a competitive future.

Orchids International School

Orchids school is known for its excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. They have qualified educators selected through a stringent qualifying process, ensuring they are thoroughly skilled to handle children. Additionally, the school is well-equipped with the latest teaching technologies, ensuring the child gets international exposure right from the school level. By choosing Orchids international school, you can expect your child to be academically skilled and excellent in soft skills.

Greenwood High School

Greenwood has always ranked among the top schools in Karnataka and the top 5 schools in Bannerghatta road. The school creates a proper balance by offering global-level education standards yet keeping children grounded. They infuse cultural values and ethics in children through various activities and events, which makes them apt for primary school admission. The school maintains an excellent student-teacher ratio, ensuring every child gets the personal attention of the educators and all his concerns get addressed well on time.

Vibgyor High School

If you want to give your child a fertile environment during his formative years of school, VIBGYOR is your calling. The school began its journey towards excellence in 2004 and has set the bar of quality education high with each passing year. A team of qualified professionals running this institution emphasises on holistic development of every child. They offer well-equipped classrooms and all the facilities for sports, fine arts, and every other aspect of learning.

Carmel Academy

With a presence across 36 different countries around the globe, Carmel academy is one of the best options for quality education in Bangalore. The school runs on the principles of discipline and excellence and does everything possible to raise learned, intellectually skilled, and well-mannered individuals. As a result, students doing their school education at Carmel academy have excelled in life, and their alumni list is proof of that.

Though the list of schools is never ending, choosing one out of the options listed above would be helpful. You only have to check the details of these schools, verifying which one would cater to your requirements and provide your child with the type of education you expect. Then, plan a personal visit to your preferred school, or ask the parents in your network about their opinion to make well-informed and productive decisions.