Top 5 Sites to Read Manga For Free


The internet has changed the way we do things, including reading manga. If you are a fan of this genre, you will find that there are many ways to read your favorite manga for free. There are even a few places you can go to download all your favorite series. Below is a list of the top five sites that will allow you to do just that.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to free manga websites. One of the best sites is MangaKik. It offers millions of manga volumes. With the app, you can read manga on your phone or tablet. You can even create your own manga and share it with others.

Another great website to read manga is Comixology. This website is available on all devices and has a user-friendly interface. The comics are free to download and are often updated.

Comixology also has a mobile version. If you are on the go, you can try out the overlay on your smartphone.

The site is also good for viewing anime. You can search for popular series and buy more. They also have a feature that lets you rent manga for 48 hours.

Shonen Jump

You will find the latest manga series, comics, anime, and Japanese cartoons from across the globe here. These are free to download and read on your mobile phone.

There are more than 10,000 manga titles in Shonen Jump’s library. Each week, new chapters of popular manga series are released. Moreover, there are three free chapters for each series.

The subscription to Shonen Jump costs $1.99 per month. This is an excellent deal. Not only will you get access to all the manga in the library, but you will also support the next generation of anime. It’s the cheapest manga subscription available on the internet.

While you can use a Shonen Jump app to access the free manga chapters, you can also purchase a subscription to gain access to more chapters. In addition, you’ll get a free trial period of one month.


ComicWalker is a Japanese-owned and operated manga website. It provides a huge collection of free manga comics, anime and light novels.

The site can be accessed from a desktop or mobile browser. Users can select the manga they want by genre, rating and creator. They can also register for a free account. After signing up, users can choose manga based on the categories they select.

Another great feature of this site is that it is very easy to navigate. It is divided into categories, allowing you to easily browse through the thousands of stories.

This app is available for both iPhone and iPad. It features high-quality graphic images, as well as a custom reader. Each day, new chapters are added to the app.


If you’re looking for an online manga store that offers free manga titles, you should definitely check out BookWalker. This site offers a large selection of manga from Japan, and it’s also a great way to discover new manga.

BookWalker is an online store that’s run by Kadokawa Corporation. The site is very easy to use and it offers a wide variety of manga. They offer a selection of free manga, as well as a wide selection of paid manga.

Another great feature of BookWalker is their mobile apps. You can download their mobile apps and read the manga on the go. However, there are some limitations. For instance, you may need to pay foreign transaction fees.

Another cool feature of this site is their MANGA Plus. This is a reading service for manga readers who want to be able to read the manga magazine content in its original Japanese language.


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular manga streaming websites. This anime service allows users to enjoy free anime streaming, light novels, and movies. The site is easy to use and offers a variety of content from around the world. Moreover, the site is also available on a number of devices.

Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll specializes in Asian-inspired content. You can enjoy free anime content for up to a week after it airs in Japan. There is also a premium plan that allows users to stream content the day it’s released.

The free plan is limited to a few titles, such as Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and Naruto. The premium membership gives you full access to all the titles in the library. It also includes the most recent serialized chapters in Japan.

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